I’m so excited to be finally writing my first EVER article for the website. Of course it has to be the basics of what a brand actually is, because there is just so much confusion on this subject, so I’m going to clear it up once and for all.

So to explain what a brand actually is, firstly I will explain, what a brand is not…

Is it a logo?

No, contrary to a very popular belief, a logo is not a brand.

Is it your wacky hair colour that ALWAYS gets your noticed?

Nope, sorry.

Is it the way you always wear big loud in your face accessories on any lives or videos you do for social media?

Nope not right either.

Maybe its the colours you use throughout all your social media channels and website, or the filters you use on your images?

Sorry to disappoint – but no, they are not your brand (I will let you out of your misery soon I promise)

OK so if all these things are NOT my brand, what the fluff are they? Well put quite simply, these are all clever ways of packaging and marketing your brand. Using the right combination of visuals (colours, shapes, fonts, filters, effects) to market your business, will attract the right audience, give off the thoughts and feelings you want them to have.

Its all clever subliminal psychology stuff .

Take this image for example, you get two very different feelings from each of the words right?

Devising a clear brand strategy

Your brand strategy is where everything is figured out before any kind of marketing is developed. It is the combination of using different elements within your marketing to make it not only identifiable, but every element is used in a strategic way to attract the right audience, so its whole persona, the language it uses, the logo, the colours, images, fonts its slogan, what message your company has and so much more.

You could call this culmination of efforts ‘branding’

Big brands are able to pinpoint everything they use within their marketing to attract their target market. Your target market is your ideal customer in a perfect world, in fact big brands spend most of their advertising budget on their brand strategy, it’s that important.

If you haven’t gone through the process of devising a clear brand strategy, then you could be wasting a lot of time, effort and money.

But I won’t go into that now.

The 3 different types of brand

There are 3 different types of brand. Its important to know which one you fall into, so you can figure out your brand strategy, then market the crap out of it.

The first one is service based professionals; coaches, consultants, trainers, designers, beauticians, hairdressers. Anyone that provides a service with their personal knowledge and expertise is a service based professional. There are a lot of people that would fall into this category, the way we can define how to brand these types of people is who you are and what you stand for.

So its your positioning in the market, how you want people to view you. Serviced based professionals also need to define what makes them stand out in a sea of other service base professionals. So what makes them unique, what is their USP (unique selling proposition) or as we call it over here at Dovestail – your brand superpower.

The second type of branding is personal branding. This is to brand (you guessed it) yourself as a person, and it is very different from branding yourself as a professional in a service based business. Your personal brand is your umbrella above your other brands and projects, so any books you’ve written, any charity work, or any other traditional businesses you may have. Yes we take elements of our personal brand into these but they are not the same thing.

The third type of branding is your traditional business setup/corporate brand, take this as a totally different thing again, so on one end you have your personal brand (branding yourself as a person) on the other end is corporate branding, where we are branding a big business as a separate entity.

To summarise:

  • Traditional business/corporate branding is what we want the business to stand for, and what we want others to think of that business.
  • Personal branding is what we want people to think of us as a person.
  • Service based branding is in the middle, as it draws from both ends of business branding and personal branding – as you are essentially a personal brand and a business wrapped into one.


So what is a brand?

So you you know what type of brand you have, it has a clear brand strategy in place to market your business.

But the thing is, we can’t force people into thinking and feeling what we want – ultimately it is their own free will to think and feel the way they do. It is simply our job to persuade them into our thinking (your brand strategy) with clever marketing.

So what is a brand?

Your brand is simply put; what others think and feel about your business – it’s what others say when your not in the room.

It’s your job to plan and strategise, then MARKET the business so it gives off the thoughts and feelings you want it to. It is then in the hands of your audience to form an impression, to talk about your business to friends / family.

A good example is by comparing the thoughts and feelings you get when you think of the massive brand that is Nike.. it has a young, trendy marketing strategy that reaches out to a certain crowd.

Now think of M&S – an equally massive brand, but a completely different market – therefore different strategies are used to market it, that’s why you get different thoughts and feelings.

This is no accident, as I mentioned above – big brands spend most of their advertising budget on their brand strategy.

So to sum it up – your audience make your brand, they are the ones who talk about it, what they think and feel about your brand is your brand.

You see why it is so important to have a clear brand strategy in place now?

If you want to clear up your brand strategy then I have  a course called ‘Supercharge Your Brand’ that takes you through the process of building up a clear brand strategy – step by step. Take a look here

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